Create renamed duplicates of FMOD studio events folder "template" from list of names

I have a Unity game with many characters, that all share the same event/ structure within FMOD studio but have different names and sometimes different sound assets within the events.

Each character is:
-A folder named like the character
-within the folder a “body” event for body impacts with a parameter, a “cloth” event with a parameter.

I have a list of 40 characters. My manual process would be to duplicate the folder within FMOD and manually rename it to each character of my list. If I wanted to automate this process based on a text file with character names, how would I approach that?

Any pointer on potential ways to do this would be amazing!

Hi David,

This should be possible with Scripting using the Studio Scripting API - duplicating and renaming folders/event should be fairly simple, but replacing specific assets based on a text file is considerably more complex. That said, I should be able to write something simple up for you or otherwise outline the process of how the script would function. Just to clarify:

  • Is the only difference in folder structure (besides potential differences in event behavior) for a given character the topmost folder’s name? i.e. all events and subfolders are identically named across characters? An example or screenshot of the event folder naming and structure would be helpful.
  • What version of FMOD Studio are you using?