Changing asset names and folders in a Unity integrated project

Hi, I’m working on a project in Fmod Studio which has been integrated in Unity. Unfortunately, some assets should be renamed and reorganised, so what’s the most painless way to do so?

This would interest me as well. Is there the option to use unique IDs instead of path and names? But this would need to have been done from the start.

I absolutely agree with you. ID’s would be so much better to use than paths and names.

I absolutely agree with you. ID’s would be so much better to use than paths and names.

If you are using the FMODEventEmitter scripts, you can use the ‘Find and Replace’ option in the FMOD menu. This allows you to find event paths and replace them without manually selecting every object.

Otherwise it might be a bit more difficult.
You could add a script that stores the address’ of the events that your game can reference. That way, if any events change only one reference will need to be changed.

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In case i wasn’t completely clear, I was referring to the audio assets for the Fmod events. I’m sure seasoned veterans know all of this but this was news to me, so in case someone needs this:

  • as long as the event path stays the same the integrated event will work no matter what asset changes you make
  • you can’t rename unused assets in the asset bin, but you can rename the ones that are used by events
  • upon renaming a used asset fmod will change the path automatically in every event the asset is referenced in, or simply put - renaming assets doesn’t cause any issues
  • you can’t simply rename a folder that contains assets, so if you absolutely have to do so the best method I came up is this:
  • duplicate the folder and rename the new duplicated folder. Then drag the files from the new folder in the asset bin to the modules containing the same files from the old folder. It’s a bit of a “drag” so I’d be glad to know if anyone knows a better to do this.