Renaming Folders and move events

Hello there.

I’m experimenting this problem since a long time and there is still no fix so I write it here.

  • In Fmod Studio (Mac), when renaming or moving events in another folder or renaming/moving a folder, events in UE4 disappear in the code.
    Aren’t there a way to make an automatic redirection instead of digging in the code to replace the events? Especially when there are many events in a folder that you move, it gets absurd to lost this time just to replace the events in Unreal.

Thank you!

We consider referencing events by path as a practical solution, which is oftentimes less error prone.
Paths have the advantage of being easier to work with when replacing events, with the trade-off being that renaming is harder to accomplish.
If referencing from code, setting up variables for folder and event names would make moving events or folders much less worrying.

Actually I work with blueprints, and I’m not a boss in code ^^
My main workflow is :

  • Build my fmod banks in an FMOD folder in content
  • Use fmod events in variables or components in Blueprints

How should I do to reference as you say?
Sorry for the noobish question.


I have an idea for this issue.

For now, unreal assets trigger fmod events as event path.
If it’s possible that I can trigger GUID from event path AND UE4 show me events as its own event path, it will be quite easier to move or rename events path.

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand. Can you explain a bit further please?

{Anim Trigger FMOD or FMOD Ambient sound} ... trigger a virtual UE4 Asset, which has an FMOD Event path. {Anim Trigger FMOD (or FMOD Ambient sound)} ... trigger a GUID, and that GUID's FMOD Event path. When we trigger an FMOD Event, searching from FMOD Event tree and event names(paths), but actually trigger a GUID. And if we change FMOD Event names or move fmod event to another path, regardless re-triggering job, every FMOD Events will work well.

Just a mere idea, thou.

Thanks for information, we are planning to look into this more in the next couple of releases.