Crossfade On Labelled Parameter

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I’m trying to implement a weather system and the programmers and I have decided to use the labelled parameters for ease so clear, rain, snow etc. I have my audio in the parameter sheet as opposed to the timeline and am switching between each value but there doesn’t seem to be any kind of crossfade. I’ve looked into AHDSR’s but they seem to only work when triggering the event for the first time only and not switching between values. Anybody have any suggestions?

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If you want to smoothly transition between different volume automation values, it’s not directly possible. You could put a “+1” here or here. There also are some (curbersome) workarounds on these links.

You should be able to use AHDSR on the volume properties of the individual instruments being triggered in the parameter value’s column. This should help with having a cross fade effect.

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@richard_simms thank you also! I tried this out last night and it does indeed work, although the audio has to be put in nested events or they won’t loop, is this the best way to do it do you think? If I have everything on the timeline it seems the AHDSR doesn’t work properly as it only works on a whole event not on a per clip basis.

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You simply have to check the loop button on that instrument:

The attack will work normally. But for the release to work, you have to make your instrument “async” and untrigger it while it still has some content to play. The release makes no sense for a synchronous instrument, since the release takes place after the instrument is untriggered (for instance when the playhead isn’t on the instrument anymore), and by definition a synchronous instrument only plays the content matching the playhead.

Did you get the answer must share i got some issues which i can’t find out.