Crossfade with transition

Is there any way to do a crossfade between two event linked by a transition ?

Like I have a non-looping event and when it’s finish it will jump to a looping event, but it need to be continuous, so I want to do a crossfade between then.

This can be achieved most easily through the use of event reference sound modules: Simply place a trigger region representing each event on the timeline or game parameter of a third event, and set up the transition between them by whatever means pleases you.

Note that the above method will cause both events to route through the parent event. If you find this undesirable, you will have to control both events through your game’s code, triggering and untriggering each separately, and controlling their fade behaviour by means of automation or AHDSR modulation in the events to be crossfaded, by means of snapshots in the mixer, or by means of ramping the events’ volumes in code.

Unfortunately, without knowing more about your project’s requirements, I can’t give you more specific advice.

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Thank you, I found a solution, I’ve added another audio track on the event that play on the entire track. So that way it will always be triggered, then I’ve simply add automation on the volume to simulate the crossfading when needed.