Crossfading start and end of a loop?

Is it possible to make a loop crossfade between the start and beginning?

I found this video showing a workaround that I don’t really understand – so maybe there’s a simpler way? :slight_smile:

Thank you!

There are, indeed, simpler ways of achieving the same behavior - but nearly every way is going to come down to creating two copies of the instrument and a transition of some kind, as in that video.

Here’s the simple method I recommend:

  1. Add a tempo marker to the event.
  2. Create two copies of the synchronous instrument to be looped on the timeline, then drag them such that the end of the first is cross-faded with the beginning of the second.
  3. Add a destination marker to the timeline somewhere on the first instrument.
  4. Add a transition marker to that destination marker at a position that’s the same relative to the second instrument as the destination marker’s position is to the first instrument. (This is easiest to do if you’re using “Snap to Ruler” mode to make everything align to tempo-specific ruler notches.)

This is not dissimilar to what the video does, but avoids the need for a transition timeline with source and destination regions. You could replace the destination and transition markers with a loop region, if you prefer.

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