Loop region abrupt - how to crossfade a single loop?

Hi there! I’m working on my first FMOD game for a while and I’m struggling with a bit of a ‘videogame music 101’ issue…

Many of the music tracks in the game will have looping segments - either looping back to the beginning of the audio file, or looping back to a location a few bars into the file. Standard practice would be to set the fade behaviour, so whenever the playhead loops back from the loop end to the loop start, there is a certain amount of ‘tail’ to smooth out the jump from one location to the other.

I can see the crossfade behaviour in transition segments, but I need to be able to set the crossfade values for (eventually) hundreds of music loops. Could somebody explain how to set this up?

Thanks in advance!

An approach you might want to consider is to have your music have a tail when rendering, but make the instrument asynchronous. Make the instrument the required looping length (eg. 8 measures) and have the instrument loop infinitely. This causes the instrument to start a new loop whilst the tail of the previous loop is still playing.

Another option is to use a destination marker at the beginning of your loop and a transition marker near the end of your song. Use the crossfading source/destination handles to make the looping smooth. The transition marker must be before the end of the instrument, enough for it to play out the rest of its loop. Take the below screenshots as an example:

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Thanks for this - I found a solution along these lines. With my loop region stretched over the looping portion of the track, I added a transition section to the loop itself, which allowed me to set fade out and ‘pre-roll’ for the loop returning to its beginning. Seems to work well.