Crowd system and expanding

Hi. I have a crowd that says specific words. Behind the “specific word crowd”, I have a layer of generic crowd (almost noise like) playing a the same time. In order for the “specific word crowd” to blend in more, I would like to have the “generic wordless crowd” follow the volume envelope of the “specific words crowd”.

I can achieve the opposite via sidechain and compression, but I would like to get expanding behaviour instead.
The reason I don’t do parameter modulation (volume) via the sidechain is that it’s resolution is too low and I can hear volume jumps.

Any good ideas?

EDIT: I ended up doing the parameter modulation via sidechain. Basically modulating a parameter by the volume of the speak crowd track and then getting a nested event of the generic crowd and controlling the volume of that by the crowd.
If i fiddled around enough, I could get by with no volume artifacts.
I do wish FMOD was running as fast as unreal metasounds though. When doing fast pitch and volume change you can clearly hear steps. Not the case with metasounds.


I’m glad to hear you were able to achieve the behavior you wanted.

Thanks for mentioning Unreal Metasounds to us; we’ll investigate its documentation to see if there’s anything we can learn that could be applied to our own pitch and volume adjustment methods.

You are welcome.
Basically, it updates at audio rate speed it seems. So you can have drastic changes to anything and it still sounds smooth.