Sidechaining within an event

I want to use one track to sidechain another track within the same event. Is this possible in fmod?

Can someone give me a brief explaination of how I achieve this? Or do I have to do it via the mixer?

You want the sidechain to trigger what, exactly?

hey Alci, sorry for the delay.

I want the sidechain to compress the volume of the music with the dialogue.

I have an event with music on one track, and dialogue on another. The dialogue is mixed in time with the music, and it’s all in the one event.

I want the dialogue track to sidechain the music track, compressing/lowering the music’s volume when it plays.

any info on this dude? <3

This is the most basic and straightforward use of the sidechain. Add a sidechain in the dialogue track effect chain, and add a modulator based on that sidechain on the volume of the music track. And set the knobs until it works as you want.

Oh epic, works perfectly. Thanks man.

Yeah I do this all the time in my DAW, just had trouble wrapping my head around how it works in FMOD.

Thanks Alci!

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