[Unity] Sidechain compression on track not working correctly

Hey there!

I’ve been recently working on a “wind” sound effect on FMOD. I have an event with two tracks: one for the noise I’m using to design the effect and another one for a signal that I’m routing to a sidechain compressor. This event is the one I’m integrating on FMOD for the game wind.

So, I’ll try to resume what I’m doing. I’ve put a sidechain compressor on the noise track so the “wind” sound can be more realistic and I’m using the second track as sidechain. When I monitor it on FMOD, things go as expected and I have a cool result. However, when I play the game on Unity, the effect seems to have no sidechain compression, so I just hear the original noise, non-processed.

I’ve been building the projects regularly, so I don’t really know what I’m missing. Any experience with this issue or any kind of suggestion would be incredibly appreciated!

Thanks for your time!


This looks like a bug. This seems to affect any sidechain modulator including those built into the compressor effect. We’ll look into getting this fixed as soon as possible. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Are you using a sidechain effect on a track that is silenced? For example, a sidechain effect pre-fader and then the fader set to -oodB? If so, try setting the fader to -79dB and see if you are seeing the same behaviour. This might be a side effect of the VOL0_BECOMES_VIRTUAL setting in the FMOD system.