Delay playback as an absolute number, not a range, that can be automated.

Hey Peeps,

So i’m trying to link a parameter called “offset” to a programmer sound module, that can be automated to delay the actual start time of the clip being played. The Start offset doesn’t do what I want, nor does the delay and quantization’s “Delay Interval”.

Am I missing something?

What i’m ultimately looking to do is to stitch 2 phrases together… eg: “it’s an…” and “Apple”
But the clips starts will differ in each clip (apple; pear; etc), so to make it sound more natural the offset would allow them to blend more on a case by case basis.

Any help would be great, cheers.

Hello Bradley,

Could you provide a bit more information? I’m having trouble understanding your setup.

  1. Is this a single event with one or two programmer sounds? Or is this two separate events you are trying to link?
  2. You mention that you have an offset parameter that is not behaving like you want it to. Could you please give some more information on what is it meant to do and what it is doing instead?
  3. Similar question about the delay interval - what are you expecting it to do and what is it doing instead?


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Hi Bradley,

Just following up to see if you still need help with the above?