Event Start Offset

Currently, I’m trying to simulate a delay offset based on the distance the player is away from the shooter. I’m using the distance parameter which is being automated by the delay time of the delay effect time in FMOD Studio. This works however there are artifacts when the player is moving while the shooter is shooting. Is there another way to have a delay or start offset of an event using the built in distance parameter? Start Offset and Delay Interval in the Trigger Behavior only seem to play within a certain point of the audio clip.

Hi Daniel,

There currently isn’t a delay or offset property for the event timeline, only for instruments.

I would instead recommend using some game code to either wait a certain time before starting/oneshotting the event, or to place a sustain point at the beginning of the event and pass in the cue after a certain time. Both methods would require game code to be written.

You’ve mentioned using the delay effect and adjusting the delay time with the distance parameter which is really the only way of doing this within the tool.

If you wish, I can add the ability to include delay and offset for the event timeline as a feature request for future versions of FMOD Studio.


Hi Richard,

That would be great to see in future versions. And the ability to automate the offset would be great as well. Thanks

Hi Daniel,

I just spoke with our Tools team who had another suggestion based off your original solution:

  1. Have the gunshot event only have a custom parameter that automates the delay time
  2. Ensure this parameter is set to “Hold value during playback”
  3. Create a new event with a distance built-in parameter
  4. Drag the gunshot event onto the timeline (creating an event instrument)
  5. Select the event instrument and automate the parameter created in Step 1 on the distance parameter (you can only automate parameters by selecting the event instrument and right click > automate on the parameter dial in the deck)

You should now have the delay effect working as expected without the artifacts from moving targets.

I hope this has helped.


This is seriously awesome! Thanks a lot!

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bumping this - it’d be super helpful!