Randomizing start offset time with an AHDSR enevlope

Hi there,

This is my first time trying to do this specific kind of implementation but Id like to introduce a small but random time offset to the start position of my multisound. If I start it say, 8% of the way through the file, and then add some randomization by 6%, does this mean the file could start at 2% of the way through or 14%?

Im not having trouble with that so much as adjusting an AHDSR enevlope on this type of behaviour.

So in addition to randomize on the start offset parameter, Id also right click and select AHDSR, but for a short one shot sound, Im not sure how to adjust this properly, whats confusing is Im not used to a flat line at the start of the AHDSR modulator, but the idea here is so that I can start offset at slight timing discrepancies and not have a jarring start but a bit of a smooth fade in on the attack position from wherever it begins the file playback, can anyone walk me through what Im missing there?


AHDSR applies a continuous change to fade a parameter in or slide the pitch; while Start Offset is set once when starting playback of the sound. So modulating the Start Offset after the sound has triggered does nothing. If you want to do “granular synthesis” you’d need to retrigger the sound module while modulating the start offset.