Start offset automation is not working

Hi, So I have a whoosh sound which I’m trying to implement for a forcepull mechanic in my game. You can forcepull from different distances. but my sound is fixed length. I thought that I solved this problem by using the start offset automation where the closer the forcepulled object is the higher the start offset percentage will automate. This works well in fmod studio but in UE4 ediotor it just plays the whole sound ignoring the offset amount. Is there any other way around it?

UE4 4.20.2 Fmod studio 1.10.12

You are seeing this behavior because you are setting the parameter value after the Event Instance has started.

There are a couple of ways you could solve this.

  1. Disable AutoPlay then after setting the parameter value call Play on the EventInstance.
    (Technically you don’t even need to turn off AutoPlay, as calling play on it will restart the Event.)

  2. If you are using the distance from the player to the object, you could use the built in distance parameter and you won’t need to worry about calling setParameter as it is done internally.