Delay retaining pan

Hi. I have a 1st person 3d shooter with lots of enemies. (think battlefield etc).
If people fire over a great distance, I want to apply delay and a bit of delay, to their shots.
So basically I want to fade in/fade out the delay return, over distance. More distance, more delayed signal.
It is too expensive, cpu wise, to add a delay to every single weapon fire event.

On my “shot fire” bus, i tried adding a delay, and that retains stereo perspective (when a person in the left side of the screen fire, the delay comes from the left side), but I have no way of fading up/down the delay sound over distance, since all the weapons are mixed together on the bus.

Is there any way to do this?


You should be able to achieve the effect you want by using sends and automation.

  1. Create a return bus (or, if your “shot fire” bus is a return bus, use that).
  2. Add a delay effect to that return bus (or use the one you’ve already added).
  3. In each shot event, add a send to the “shot fire” bus. Automate the volume of this send on the event’s distance built-in parameter such that an audible signal is only sent to the delay effect at long distances.
  4. Add automation to each shot event’s master track volume such that an audible signal is only output at shorter distances.

This method only requires one delay effect, and so requires relatively few resources, and the send automation ensures that only gunshots over a certain distance from the listener are subject to delay.

Makes perfect sense. Why didnt my brain think of that solution. Thanks