Propagation of sound in space

In Unity I hear sound immediatly after it is fired but instance of sound and listener are not very close. But speed of sound should be 343 m/s. What should I do to fix this no delay?

FMOD and the FMOD Spatializer effect do not model speed-of-sound propagation. There are a number of ways to handle it, but if you’re looking to simulate speed-of-sound propagation as well as other features like HRTF and early reflections, the simplest way would be to use a third-party spatializer plugin that does handle some or all of these features - for example, Steam Audio, Resonance Audio, Oculus Audio, etc.

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Could You help me with Steam Audio Spatializer? I don’t see how to setup speed of sound in air there.

My apologies, I had assumed Steam Audio handled speed-of-sound propagation - while it does handle other aspects of propagation, it seems like doesn’t handle that.

To handle it yourself, you can do a few things:

  • If an event will always be a static distance from the listener, you can set a delay on its instruments, or on an event instrument containing the event itself in a parent event
  • If you need to handle it dynamically, the simplest way would be to delay starting an event instance from your own code based on time elapsed

That said, I’ve added some means of handling speed-of-sound propagation to our feature/improvement tracker.

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