Automate parameter values over the timeline

I’m making an interactive piece of music, where the player can choose what line is sung after the current one. The pieces of music are all in one event because I need the smooth transitions.
Now I’d like to pass out to Unity which line is currently playing. For example when I’m at line 3 I’d like to have a parameter that’s at three and that I can pick up from Unity.
Is it possible to automate a parameter over the timeline? Or are there other things I can try to pass the information out to Unity?

You can automate parameters over the timeline. Right click on the parameter dial in the event editor and select “Add Automation”.

It depends entirely on how you have your event set up. You can use callbacks to see passed destination markers, or instruments or audio assets (the audio file) that have been triggered. Setting up callbacks does take a bit of time but is very useful.

However if you’re using event instruments, callbacks can’t propagate from nested events. In which case, an automated parameter and using getParameterByName would also work.

I don’t have the option to add automation from the timeline, only from another parameter

that option is not there for event parameters

What do you mean by “event parameters”? What do you want to automate exactly?

I wanted a value to increase as with velocity but stop after a specified amount of time, but I’ve worked around it by using sustain points on the timeline

only issue with that is reading back which is made a tiny bit more difficult