Diegetic SFX, triggered by narrator VO'S

We are making a game where we have a narrator describing an enviroment, the text appears in game,and then the VO follows.
So, in this game we have a single Voice table for now, with all 4 actors voicelines,we have music, and we have generic sfx.
What we want to add, are DIEGETIC sfx, that are gonna trigger when a narrator is saying a specific word.
For example when she says ‘’ The cart tripped over’’ , a diegetic cart tripping sfx should play.
The reason I am posting this is of course cause I am an amateur user.
What is the fastest way to do this? and of course trying to use the less resources possibe.
Thank you.

The only way I can think of is to have each VO as their own event and to use named markers to mark on the event when each particular word is said. You can then use callbacks to know exactly when to trigger the diagetic event.

If each VO asset has its own event, the diegetic SFX could simply be incorporated in that event, which may be simpler than using callbacks. The other way is to incorporate the SFX in the asset itself (in a DAW). It’s a trade off between spending some more time in FMOD or in the DAW.

I was thinking of the case where the diagetic SFX needs to be spatialized it’s best to have them as separate events, but thinking about it, it would be better to spatialize the diagetic SFX on a separate track and have the VO line as 2D, which would keep it nice and tidy.