Implementation of VO cues

I need to trigger sentences of speech from UE4, they get triggered at different moments in the game.
Their length varies.
Whats the best way to implement that?

If done with one FMOD event and all VO sentences on one timeline (plalyback position controlled via parameter) how would that event be stopped once the first sentence is finished?

I am new to this. Maybe there is much more clever approach?


The two most common ways to do this are to use multiple events, and to use programmer sound modules.

The multiple events solution is simple: Just drag the audio files for each sentence into FMOD Studio’s Event Browser, and an event for that file will be created. You’ll need to know which event to trigger when a sentence is spoken in your game, but if the number of sentences you have isn’t vast, it’s the easiest way to do it.

Programmer sound modules are a popular way of handling dialogue in projects where the amount of spoken content is very large. In those cases, you only need to create a single event that contains a Programmer Sound Module. For a detailed explanation of how Programmer Sound Modules work, you should check the Progammer’s API documentation - but the short version is that when a Programmer Sound Module is triggered, it allows you to determine which file should be played through your game’s code.

There are many other possibilities; Without knowing the details of your project, it’s hard to say which would be best for you.


Thank you Joseph. Since in our case the amount of spoken content is not very large, i’ll probably just go with the easy single event approach in our scenario.