Disable a speaker


i would like to know how i can disable a speaker like in the windows parameters.
I explain, in the output list on windows, if i click on ‘configure’, i can choose 5.1 for my speakers setup and after disable for example the rear speakers.
If i do this ( via windows sound parameters), it doesn’t change nothing their is stil sound from the rear speaker. How can i do this via script ?

The real case is a customer that has only 3 speakers one in front center, one in rear right and on in rear left.
Can i disable the front left and the front right speakers and use only the speaker he has ?

Thank you !

There are a number of ways to affect which speakers your players’ output comes out of. The simplest is probably to place a channel mix effect on your project’s master bus, and use snapshots to control the channel volume sliders of that effect such that you can enable and disable channels by starting and stopping instances of the snapshots.