Distance different in FMOD Studio and in UE4

Hi there, I’m new here.
After integrating FMOD to UE4 I have a problem with distance.
When in the UE4 the listener is for examle 1000 units from ambient sound, at the same time FMOD profile says that the distance from the listener to the fmod event is 30 times closer…

How can I set the same min and max range of distance in UE4 and in FMOD so it will be the same area of attenuation here and there ?


Are you able to describe how you are measuring the distance from the listener to the ambient sound?

Ordinarily the FMOD distance parameter should be 1/100 times the distance in UE4 because UE4 uses a unit size of 1 centimeter for distance and FMOD uses a unit size of 1 meter (100 centimeters).

The distance measured in UE4 being 30 times the FMOD distance could be explained if there is a scale factor on the value being displayed in UE4 or if the distance scale in FMOD has been changed using FMOD::System::set3DSettings.

Thanks for Your help. I’ve managed to find mistake on my side, I was checking not the distance from the listener but from the character, thus the difference. Now it is exactly 1/100 of UE4 distance in FMOD .