Do I need to release an instance after it plays to its end?

I have a simple timeline event that plays to a sustain point and holds a loop there. Then I call KeyOff and the event runs for another second or so and plays an “ending” sound and the event stops, as shown by the ‘stopped’ indication in FMOD Studio.

Do I need to call instance.release in this case, or does it release automatically after it has stopped as OneShots are said to do?

Thank you for your help!


From our docs:
“Generally it is a best practice to release event instances immediately after calling Studio::EventInstance::start, unless you want to play the event instance multiple times or explicitly stop it and start it again later. It is possible to interact with the instance after falling release() , however if the sound has stopped ERR_INVALID_HANDLE will be returned.”

FMOD Engine | Studio API Reference - EventInstance::release
Hope this helps!