Do you have any plan for AAudio?

As you may know, a new low-latency high performance API, AAudio was introduced back in Android 8.0.

  1. Do you have a plan to support this any time soon?

I know high playback sample rates matter, but I wonder if:

  1. High bit depth of a sound file will impact performance too.

I want to change Audio APIs for low latency playback on certain platforms.

  1. Is the below code example correct?

FMOD_System_Init(g_System, 1024, FMOD_INIT_NORMAL, &fo);

Hi jiyongman

  1. AAudio is something we are looking at supporting soon, we do not have a finalized date at this stage.
  2. FMOD mixer uses floats, so there is little benefit of going above that. Higher bit depth will make your files larger, leading to more file IO.
  3. You should use see for setting output types. It is probably worth spending a bit of time understanding output types (used in the objectpan studio api example. All output types are listed here: ) and reading our performance documentation ( )
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Firstly, it’s really good to hear that you are already considering supporting AAudio.
FMOD is always evolving, and this is one of the reasons why I love FMOD the most.

As for the number 3, even though I already read all those docs before asking, I think I misread something there. Thanks, now I understand :slight_smile:

Ah, it may be too obvious but just to be sure,
as for the number 2, does a larger file also mean a longer decoding time?

In the general case with all other things being equal (same audio/format etc), that is likely to be the case. The size of a file will often come down to encoding format and each encoding format has different performance characteristics. See for more details.

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Thank you!