Does work in the Linux Version?


I was happy to find that there’s an official Linux version now, which works better than the WINE version before, yay :smiley:

The only question though, the browser just shows a blank screen, no login prompt or anything. Is there a way to activate this ?


What distro and FMOD version are you using? 2.02.05 patch 1 seems to be working fine on Ubuntu.

Using 2.02.05 Build #123444 on Arch Linux, installed from AUR. Others seem to have the same problem, as the comments here seem to suggest: AUR (en) - fmodstudio

Thank you for the additional information, I have reproduced this issue by installing FMOD Studio on Arch Linux through AUR. I will pass this onto the dev team to investigate further. In the meantime you can try accessing through a web browser at
Thank you for bringing this to our attention!