FMOD Studio API Linux support

Hello everyone.

I’ve been reading some previous forum posts regarding Linux support for the FMOD studio API.

If I understand correctly, the last released API for Linux is FMODex 4.44.29. However, there’s still no binary available for the new studio API 1.02.12 other than OSX or Windows.

This thread mentions that Linux support was planned for the end of 2013.


Does the development team still have any plans/updates regarding Linux support?

Thanks for your time and help!

Ah, I just posted a thread in the Unity Integration forum asking about Linux support. This is great to hear! Sorry for not doing a more thorough check first.

I’m just now beginning to look at using the new indie licensing for fmod with my Unity project. I can’t find a lot of details related to linux support however. Is this still planned for release soon? Will the Unity integration allow for proper builds out to all three platforms (PC, Mac, Linux)?

Yes Linux development is still ongoing, if you would like to be notified when there is a preview available please e-mail
Our current plan is to release Linux with Unity support at the same time, we already support Mac and PC.

Absolutely, unfortunately our original estimates for the end of 2013 slipped a bit. But I can tell you I am actively working on the Studio API version of FMOD for Linux right now. We hope to have i386, x86_64 and ARM versions available at launch along with SteamOS compatibility.The current plan to is release Linux support with version 1.4 somewhere around March but I expect I can provide preview versions prior to that date.

Hello Mathew.

Thanks for the heads up. I ask since I’m trying to offer a Java interface for Windows, OSX and Linux.

Please let me know what options do I have for keeping in touch regarding preview versions of the API.

Thanks for your time!

Sure thing, if you send an e-mail to addressed to me I will let you know as soon as I have a lib available.

Much appreciated.

Thanks again for your time and help!