How to install FMOD Studio on Linux

Hey everyone,

How can I install FMOD Studio on Linux?
There’s an old thread here in the forum, and I’ve tried to follow it. But it doesn’t work. There’s also an old tutorial for Debian, other old one for Ubuntu… But none of them seems to work.

I’m not a developer and I’m not used to compile programs on my own.
Could someone explain how to do it? If possible with commands?

After installing, how to run it if there’s no binary?

Why there isn’t an installable for Linux?

Please, a little help!!

As of the time of writing (June of 2019), there is no version of FMOD Studio that supports Linux operating systems. You could potentially use a virtual machine or compatibility tool such as Wine to make it work, but there is no existing tutorial or guide on this topic that we could give you.

To clarify, this doesn’t prevent you from using FMOD Studio to design sound for Linux games. The FMOD API can be installed on Linux operating systems and used in Linux games, and content created in FMOD Studio can be used on any operating system.

Thank you for your reply, Joseph.
It’s unfortunate that there isn’t a native Linux version. Hope you guys don’t forget about us in the future. I’m sure that you guys know that more and more sound designers have moved to Linux. I was a Apple guy myself and now I’m asking for a FMOD Linux version, LOL

I’ve tried installing and running FMOD Studio through wine, and although there are some bugs (window can’t be minimized, that audio bin window doesn’t work, the also doesn’t work). But it’s still feasible to implement audio into a game. Thanks!

. Thanks again!