Doppler effect-how to?

i’ve been working on FMOD soundpacks for X-Plane’s 747. i was trying to find the doppler effect to simulate a flyby but couldn’t find it. also, the simulators fmod version is in version 1.8 or something and i cant go more modern. can someone please tell me where the doppler option is?

To enable Doppler for an FMOD Studio event, select the event in the event editor window’s events browser, then look in the bottom-right corner of the event editor window to find the event macros. If the event macros do not appear, it is because a track other than the master track is selected, so either deselect that all tracks or select the master track. In the event macros, you’ll see a button under the heading “Doppler.” Click on this button to toggle on or off the Doppler effect for the event.

sorry, im so blind. thank you so much!