Doppler preview in Fmod Studio?


I am currently working on sounddesign for a racing game, but I have no possibility at the moment to connect fmod studio to the game and test it from there.

When I enable the doppler effect on the sound events for game objects that are flying by I cant hear the effect using the 3d preview panner or the sandbox even if I scale it al the way up. Am I missing something obvious or am I doing it wrong?

I did build a doppler like effect myself using the distance and direction parameters and some relative velocity calculation just to be able to check it myself.
When The doppler effect is enabled and the game programmer implements it correctly, does it work Ingame? Can I test it without a game connection in fmod studio?


Currently doppler can not be previewed in the Studio tool. Both the 3D Preivew and the Sandbox always pass a velocity of zero to the FMOD runtime.

That said, everything should work fine in game. It just means that you can’t really test doppler without a game connection.

We will look in to simulating velocity in the Sandbox, perhaps by filtering the mouse deltas if feasible, in a future release.


Thanks for your reply!
Yes I think in any case its better to do this kind of stuff directly while testing the game but to be able to preview it with the 3d panner or sandbox would be very handy and speed up some decision making for me :slight_smile: And well for the racing game it turned out to work quite good.

Has this been implemented by now? I have a similar problem where my Doppler doesn’t work with FMod events in my engine (but does with FMod sounds). I’ve doublechecked that I’m sending through non-zero velocities to the event.
The Doppler button is turned on in the FMod Studio project though, and it would be great to be able to check it from inside the editor.

Hi Ruud,

Auditioning Doppler within FMOD Studio isn’t implemented yet, but it is in our tracker for a future release.

I’m not sure why FMOD events are not getting velocities and FMOD sounds are, but my tests do show it working as expected. If you would like further help with this issue, would you mind creating a new Q&A?


is this feature implemented as of today?


Unfortunately, this has not been implemented. However, its task is still in our queue so I will give it a dump