FMOD Studio 1.10.09 Doppler Effect

Hey all,

This is just a general post to ask about workflow and useage of the FMOD Doppler Scale effect in my current version of Studio that I’m running on this project.

The thing we’d like to be able to achieve is create ‘repitching’ doppler sounds by parameterizing the doppler scale option in an event’s deck.

However, when I add automation to this and attach to a built-in fmod distance parameter, and then REALLY up the doppler scale like from 100 to 500% Im not hearing any pitching changes happen on the audio?

Maybe I’m unsure of what I should be listening for or what I should be hearing, but just to be clear this is just on the fmod editor side while auditioning sound behaviour, I haven’t gotten to in-engine yet. But adding 500x doppler effect at 5 meters away from my 3D sound, I think I should be hearing some audible change. I feel like I’m missing something here. Any thoughts?

It’s not currently possible to audition Doppler effect in FMOD Studio, because of the way FMOD Studio’s in-editor auditioning handles changes to listener and event emitter positions.

You should be able to hear the Doppler effect when auditioning in-engine.