Doppler Effect

Hello FMOD!

Thanks again for making this amazing tool available for UE4 users.

My question is about Doppler. I have a vehicle, of which sound is setup with Fmod Studio. I’ve enabled doppler but i cant hear the doppler effect regardless of the scale. Only the attenuation changes as the car passes by the player. I’ve made some searching about this and apparently doppler is calculated automatically once it is enabled, without needing an extra velocity parameter in run time. Am i missing something or is this not working in UE4 yet?


Unfortunately we don’t currently set any velocities into FMOD. We have a support case open for the best way of obtaining this information from UE4 itself. There are a few complications with it.

Functions such as the PlayerController::GetAudioListenerPosition function don’t allow any velocity to be specified. We may have to use the last frame delta with some limit to avoid artifacts that would otherwise occur on camera jumps. Similar issues exist for the audio component.

We’ll see how we go, we’d like to get it supported one way or the other.

Oh, ok. Thanks for the answer!

Hey there. No news about the doppler effect? I try to use it with no effect.

@Tomavatars, see here :