Duplicated symbols in FMOD Studio Programmer’s API for iOS

I’m integrating FMOD Studio in my game and build fails in Xcode at linking stage with report of duplicate symbol _FMOD_Optimised_Routines_NoOpt.

It looks that some object files are duplicated in libraries, i.e. for armv7:

$ lipo libfmod_iphoneos.a -thin armv7 -output libfmod_iphoneos_armv7.a
$ ar -t libfmod_iphoneos_armv7.a | sort | uniq -d

After removal of duplicated object file, it links correctly.

I checked it with FMOD Studio Programmer’s API 1.04.03 and 1.04.04.

Please let me know if this will be fixed in the next API release.

Apologies for anyone affected by this, I have corrected the issue and it will be fixed for our next release.

Fixed in 1.04.05 (now available).

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Is there a temporary solution to this? We are affected by it too.

Temporary solution is to manually remove the .o :