Dynamically loading more banks with assetBundles/.bytes files - Unity

We are making an application in unity that loads different banks (Which are in the .bytes files for assetbundles) depending on their need. We load them using FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.StudioSystem.loadBankMemory() into which we pass the binary data of the file.

If I create a new bank in the project at some point, will it mean that I need to update the master bank file/master bank.strings file on the device as well?
Or will it work fine as long as the mixer information is maintained between all banks?(All banks are using the same mixers)

Will I be able to load .bytes files whenever I need to, or does the maserbank/masterbank.strings file store information on what banks can be loaded/what events other banks contain?


If you add a new bank to the project, but do not change the global mixer at all, then you should be able to just update the Master Bank.strings.

The strings bank contains all the names of everything in the project and needs to be updated anytime events/banks/buses are moved/removed/added.

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Thank you. For the implementation above, can you suggest some best practices? For example, should the banks/sounds be part of their own ‘sounds’ asset bundle or will it be better to include the sound banks in the respective mini-game bundles and then just update the master bank.strings file using a server call? Are there any resources that give suggestions wrt this?