Emitter on prefab = one instance ?

Hi yall!

I have this problem that when I put a Studio Event Emitter on a prefab (in my case, a torch or a brazier) and have multiple of these prefabs in a scene, sound will only be emitted from one of the prefabs (one torch, one brazier).
I’ve checked in the profiler (in FMOD) and I can see the event is only coming from source/Event Emitter. That’s not right, to put it mildly.

What can I do, to prevent this and having all my torches and braziers playing?

Thanks in advance!


It’s difficult to say what the cause may be, but that is not the way it should be working.
Each StudioEventEmitter will create it’s own event instance that it uses to play the event specified.

Possibly check the number of max instances of the events in Studio.

I tried and delete the events inside FMOD Studio and make them again, and for some reason it works now … weird