ERR_EVENT_NOTFOUND when setting a root folder parameter

Hi all, I’m running into the following error when attempting to set the parameter of an event:

[FMOD] EventInstance::setParameterByName(StreakLevel, 0) returned ERR_EVENT_NOTFOUND for STUDIO_EVENTINSTANCE (0x201C00).

This thread has a similar issue to me (Failed to set event instance parameter), except that my parameter exists on the root folder for this event and so it should also exist on the event. Trying to create a parameter for this specific event in FMOD Studio gives the error “A parameter with name “StreakLevel” already exists in the root folder.”

The event instance is valid. Maybe I’m understanding something wrong? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


What version of FMOD are you using?

When trying to set the parameter, is the attached event playing?

Would it be possible to see the event in Studio and the error that you are seeing? Also could I see where the parameter is in reference to the event?

hello, i have the same probleme parameter work in editor but not in build


What version of the FMOD integration are you using?

Are there any error logs that you can share?

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Sorry, I didn’t see your answer, I succecced. I removed FMOD plugin in unity and reinstall this. Thanks anyway !

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All good, thanks for confirming the solution!