Error building only from a Dropbox Folder

I’m trying to build my project in FMOD 2.00.06
When I try to build it from any directory it work.
But when I put it in a Dropbox folder it give me many errors when I try to build like:
I have no idea why is it doing that, but I must get it to work on a Dropbox folder in order to share it with a co-worker.
Thank you,

FMOD Studio and Dropbox are not compatible.

FMOD Studio depends on having write access to the files and folders of a project. Dropbox frequently opens files in synchronised folders in order to keep them in sync with their online versions, and so blocks FMOD Studio from being able to access those files.

We recommend using one of FMOD Studio’s source control integrations to collaborate with colleagues, instead of Dropbox. However, if you really must use Dropbox, the solution is simple: Save and build your FMOD Studio project in folders that are not synchronized using Dropbox, then manually copy the files into your Dropbox-synchronized folder.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile: