Trouble Getting GitHub to work with FMOD Studio

I’m working with a team and we are trying to use FMOD for our already existing project. We imported the integration package and directed the project and build to the proper paths. However, when this change is pushed through GitHub, the build does not appear for the other members of the team who have to pull. The error that occurs reads “Build path does not exist”, which makes sense since the build is not appearing in the root folder for everyone except for the person who pushed the change. I’m not sure if FMOD integrates with Unity and GitHub in the first place, so any help would be much appreciated!

FMOD Studio doesn’t have a built-in Git integration, and our source control integration doesn’t handle built bank directories external to the project folder on its own, so your team must be using a source control solution you implemented yourselves. As such, we don’t know enough about it to answer questions about its behavior.

Do you know which member(s) of your team set it up? They’d be the one(s) to ask about it.

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for the response! I’m the one trying to implement FMOD for our team, and unfortunately I’m not too well versed on how everything works myself (I understand how FMOD works with a project that is native to one’s computer but not when we have to use a version control system like GitHub). Do you have any suggestions for how we might go about using FMOD as a team in a way that I can work on implementing audio through FMOD without giving the other members in the group build path errors?

What is your project’s built banks directory, is that directory included in your gitHub repository, and under what circumstances do you push or pull versions to that repository?

I’ve saved the FMOD project folder to the root of the Unity project folder, so when I build in FMOD push that through to the group though GitHub desktop, the FMOD folder shows up, it’s just that the build does not. That’s why even though I set the build path on my desktop, it does not point to anything for anyone else on the team

You’ll need to ensure that when you push to your GitHub repository, the contents of the built banks folder is included - and that when your team members pull a new version of the project, the built banks are included in what they get.

As we don’t know anything about your GitHub integration beyond what you’ve told us, we can’t tell you how to achieve this, but it should be perfectly possible. Built banks are just files, after all, like all the other files Git handles.

This was useful information, as we are using GitHub on my project, we have had issues sharing events and banks. We will dig into the GitHub and see if we can make sure all files come over.
I still have this same question, and it goes a little be deeper, as I can not access any of my FMod projects because of this “.unsaved” file.
Why would FMod be locked out of all of my local project files completely? The GitHub files I can understand, but my local files, this does not make sense.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by this. Are you experiencing an error related to your FMOD Studio Project’s “.unsaved” subfolder?

The “.unsaved” subfolder contains changes made to your project locally that have not yet been saved. As per our documentation on the topic, this folder should not be submitted to your source control repository.