Project doesn't open anymore and i did nothing diferent! failed message

“Failed to clean up .unsaved directory in project required for migration. Please verify you have write acess to project directory.”

My FMOD crashed in a project and now it doesn’t open anymore, just keep showing the message above. I just tried to delete some assets from the project, FMOD didn’t deleted them, crashed, now doesn’t open anymore. i didn’t update it either, i’m using the same version since the beginning of this project. FMOD 2.0.8

Please heeeeeelp!

It sounds like your project files have been corrupted somehow. Unfortunately, without access to your project, there is no way for us to identify the exact nature of the corruption, but it sounds like some or all of the files in your project may have been set to “read only,” preventing FMOD Studio from writing to or deleting those files. This is most commonly a side effect of synchronising your FMOD Studio project folder to a third-party file upload service such as Dropbox, or of using source control without using an FMOD Studio source control integration. Have you tried accessing the properties of all files in your project, and toggling off their “read only” property?

When you say you tried to delete some assets, how did you try to do it? Did you delete the files in FMOD Studio’s assets browser, or in an Explorer or Finder window?

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Hello Joseph thanks for you help! I solved the problem
None of the files were “read only”.
I tried to remove the old assets using FMOD assets tab(right click-delet).
I solved the problem reinstalling FMOD.
I think you’re right! the problem was resulted by a sync with the cloud project.
Reinstalling FMOD solved it!