FMOD Studio 2.02.14 is crashing when connected to perforce

Updated from 2.02.07 and FMOD is crashing when importing sounds, opening preferences etc. If I open the project with 2.02.07 and turn off source control the 2.02.14 version functions correctly. Any idea how on how to fix this?


If possible, can you provide me with a log from the console with “show verbose logging” enabled when performing an action that causes the crash on 2.02.14, and a log when performing the same action on 2.02.07? If you’re unable to access the console on 2.02.14 due to the crash, you should instead be able to find the log at:

  • Windows - %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Local\FMOD Studio\Logs
  • macOS - ~/Library/Application Support/FMOD Studio
  • Linux - ~home/FMOD Studio/Logs.

Hi Loius,

Can I send them via email?

Sure thing - send them through to with a link to this forum thread in the email.

Thanks for sending the log via email.

You’re running into the following P4 issue,

Path 'G:/UE/ZCOQ_Stream/Content/FMOD/...' is not under client's root 'G:\UE\XREAL_GAMES\FMODProjects'.

which is typically caused by setting your built banks output directory to somewhere outside the P4 workspace. If you have set your built banks directory to the first path in the error message, I would recommend setting it to be empty (the default) or to the correct path in your P4 workspace, and seeing whether that resolves the issue.

So If I understood correctly. I have to have the fmod studio project at the same workspace as the unreal project? It was working with 2.02.07 before. Is there a way to have it as separate workspaces?

If you wanted to have your built banks tracked by Studio’s source control integration, as well as have the banks build to your UE project, then yes, I believe you would need to have your Studio project in the same workspace as your UE project.

It’s possible that on 2.02.07 you had disabled the source control integration for built banks, which would allow you to build banks outside your workspace - if tracking your built banks isn’t a necessity, then I would recommend disabling the integration for built banks in Preferences → Source Control, which should resolve the issue.