Error doubt fmod unity

Greetings, I have a question and I an error message is appearing when I build in unity and apparently by the sample fmod.error says Fatal Error could not allocate memory: system out memory! trying to allocate: 13877304B with 16 alignment.MEMORYLABEL: FMODSAMPLE ALLOCATION HAPPEND AT 183 IN C:/BUILDSLAVE/UNITY/BUILD/RUNTIME/AUDIO/AUDIOMANAGER.CPP MEMORY OVERVIEW
Could someone tell me how to fix it? I use my pc version 5.2.3.f1 unity anthon 64 x2, 4 g ram, geforce gt 610 2 g, S.O win8 32 bits. Thx for your help

Does your project use the built-in Unity audio system? Or does it use the FMOD Studio Unity Integration which is a separate download on

hello, i used the built-in Unity audio system.

If you use the built-in Unity audio system you’ll have to contact Unity for support. Unity’s built-in audio system is built on top of FMOD but we don’t have access to their built-in audio system code so we’re unable to help you debug it.

If you use the FMOD Studio Unity Integration then we can help.