ERROR ITMS-90511: CFBundleIdentifier Collision on FMOD bundles

I am getting the following errors uploading my game to the mac app store:

ERROR ITMS-90511: “CFBundleIdentifier Collision. The Info.plist CFBundleIdentifier value ‘com.fmod.fmodstudio’ of ‘’ is already in use by another application.”
ERROR ITMS-90511: “CFBundleIdentifier Collision. The Info.plist CFBundleIdentifier value ‘com.fmod.fmodstudioL’ of ‘’ is already in use by another application.”

I ran into this before, and the fix was to renaming the CFBundleIdentifier in the info.plist file within these plugin bundles. This worked on a previous submission. Now attempting to do an update, if I dont rename the CFBundleIdentifier, I get rejected by the app store, but the build works fine. If I DO rename the CFBundleIdentifier, the game fails to load fmostudioL and no audio works in the game.

We are using FMOD 2.00.13 and Unity 2019.4.9f1

@mathew I think you might be able to shed some light here - saw a similar issue in another thread:

Here you mention that the dll was not found because the info.plist file was tampered with. In my case, it is intentionally being ‘tampered’ with because MacOS App Store requires a unique CFBundleIdentifier, so I am editing it to be unique. Any ideas on how I should be approaching this?

Yep, if you’re modifying the Info.plist that’ll break the bundle for sure, due to codesigning. Sounds like you need to modify the Info.plist and then codesign it yourself.

Thanks for the reply - we are modifying the info.plist, and then codesigning it also, but the issue still persists. My method of codesigning hasn’t changed from previously when it did work, and I have tried a few different methods / parameters for codesigning, none of which seemed to work. Do you have any tips on how I should do the codesigning to get it done correctly?

I’ve successfully followed this process to sign/notarize a Unity game (for distribution outside of the App Store) :

Quinn The Eskimo usually has helpful info on signing/notarization :

OK just following up - I can successfully sign and distribute outside of the app store using this technique. The one and only issue is distributing within the app store, as that has the additional validation check.

The only way I can resolve all of Apple’s validation issues is to modify the plugin info.plist files to make the CFBundleIdentifier unique to my game, but in doing so the game fails to load the library at runtime (so no audio).

Have you had any success or tips on a successful mac app store submission?

Apologies for the delay Kyle. I’ve been digging into it some more and I really think it should work if you codesign our libs after changing the bundle id. Can you write to me at with the exact command line you use to sign the fmod libs please?


Thanks Andrew - I have emailed support.

This was resolved offline. OP did have to modify the Info.plist to give it a unique CFBundleIdentifier (this is an Apple requirement), then remove the FMOD code signature with “codesign - - remove-signature” then ensure that the (modified) FMOD bundle was being properly signed by them.