How do you quickly see (in the event view) where an event is routed?

I’m aware you can right click, sub-menu, sub-menu, show in mixer - but ideally I need to quickly move around my project, select an event in the event editor, and see bus assignment (and perhaps other properties), by just selecting the event. It kind of feels like I’m missing a properties pane in the event editor. (perhaps more tab(s) in the pane were “Tag”, “User Properties”, “Notes” is - or selection driven properties to see more from this event editor)

Any work around to quickly see this on a lot of different events?

There is currently no way to see the routing of an event in the event editor, other than the one you have discovered.

Is there some reason why you would prefer not to use the routing browser to quickly view the routing of events? Could you describe in more depth the workflow you want to use, which would benefit from having this information to be visible in the event editor? Knowing why you want this feature would help us understand how best to improve FMOD Studio’s interface.

Thanks for your reply. Here’ s a little context:
I work with several other sound designers on a sequel, first person combat game. I’m new to the franchise and project. There are a number of events that are carried over from the first title, although we’re making a lot of new events, mixing and other changes. We are currently restructuring our bus hierarchy to better support more advanced mixing techniques.

For the last couple days, I’ve been focused on remixing some parts of combat. So, I need to find events, quickly look at how things are currently routed, decide if I we want to make bus structure changes, and then author a bunch of snapshots. To give you an idea for scope, a single character might have as many as 100 events I’m looking at so I do a lot of search and audition during mixing. So being able to see properties in the event editor, like bus assignment for the currently selected event, would prevent a lot of tedium between the Event Editor and Mixer View.

Along these lines, being able to audition events from the Mixer view would also help.

And as a bonus, a super fast way to see vertical channel strips of scoped-in buses of a snapshot, by simply clicking on the snapshot would also be killer.

PS - Thanks for making a great tool. This is my first go with Fmod Studio, since using Designer maybe 9 or so years ago. It’s feeling great and fun to work with.

One idea: adding this kind of stuff to the Script API so I can assign to a keystroke would be awesome.

Ah i see. looks like it is.

I’m struggling a little bit finding the associated event from a given mixer input via relationships. Any help? :smiley:

Have you tried .relationships.event.destinations[0]? It’ll give you the event to which the input corresponds. Calling dump() on it will get you the event’s name and path, along with its other properties.