Event Cone Angle and Orientation

My end goal is to simulate directional sound for a human voice in the Unity game engine. Towards that end I’m trying to figure out how Event Cone Angle and Orientation affect one another. I’ve set my event cone angle to be quite narrow at 5 degrees and then slide the orientation parameter between -180 and 180, but I don’t hear any effect on the sound. I imagined that the sound would be louder when the orientation pointed towards the center of the 3D preview (i.e. towards the listener) but I don’t hear any effect on volume. How would you create an effect where when the sound event is orientated towards the listener it is louder but when it’s facing away it’s softer?

How did you “set your event cone angle?” Developing facing-dependant behaviour in FMOD Studio is very different to setting cone angle in FMOD Designer 2010;It’s rather tricky to give you advice without knowing what you’ve done so far.

Also, the default position of the emitter and the listener are the same; As a result, altering the orientation will make no difference to the sound of an event with angle-based behaviour. Just put a non-zero distance between them, and you should be able to hear event cone angle-based changes.