Event cone angle bug?

Hey there.
First, I was trying to understand the cone angle parameter.
Then I went crazy.

After a few test and readings, I was able to say that if volume is set at 0DB from 0 to 90° and -inf from 90 to 180° the sound should only be heard in front of the event?
But in Unreal 4.9.2 with Fmod 1.07, even if I rotate the event, even if I rotate a blueprint containing the event, it will always be heard from the top of it and not in front of it.
On top of this default behavior, the position of the event can’t be changed.

Am I missing something huge?

Thank you in advance and sorry if it is me that misunderstand this.

I had a look at the code again and it turns out that the direction of audio components wasn’t being set into FMOD at all! That will be fixed in the next patch release due out this week.