Event Cone Angle in 3D?

I’m trying to setup directional sounds in Studio, but the manual states ‘Event cone angle only takes into account the horizontal plane (xz).’

That was a bit of a disappointment. Are there any plans to make a true 3D cone instead of a 2D pie shape?

Though it’s in the doc, I’m not sure it is correct. Look: this shows the xz plane, the arrow is the event, the center is the listener. The event cone angle (displayed at the bottom) is 0.

If I change the y coordinate of the event (by ctrl click drag), the event cone angle is changed (so the doc statement is incorrect):

By using really big values, we easily can see at infinite altitude, the event cone angle would tend towards 90° (purely vertical).

By the way, why do you need the event cone angle, out of curiosity?

Thanks, that’s interesting, i will look into that.

I’m trying to model jet engine sound. Although not crucial, it would be nice to include the directional nature especially for super sonic speeds

Thank you for reporting this error in our documentation. I’ll add it to our bug tracker to be fixed in a future release.