Event Cone Angle is mirrored?


I am doing a simple directional thing where I don’t want to hear the sound of a waterfall when standing behind it (a wall of rock is separating).

Using the Event Cone Angle, I managed to lower the volume when standing behind (6’o’clock), but for some reason this also affects the front of the emitter (12’o’clock). Interestingly it is not mirrored diagonally all over, and for instance a dip at 1’o’clock also happens at 5 instead.

Any idea of what might be going on? Going crazy over this =)


As you know, event cone angle runs from 0 to 180, the number of degrees in half a circle: Zero degrees is directly in front of the emitter, 180 is directly behind it, while all other values describe cones with axes running front-back.

I therefore suspect your event emitter is turned sideways. Rotating it 90 degrees should solve your problem. From your description, I’d say its front is facing towards either 3 or 9 O’Clock. The dip you created at 1 O’Clock and 5 O’Clock should appear around parameter value 60 if the event is facing toward 3 O’Clock, or around parameter value 120 if the 0 degree point of the event is facing toward 9 O’Clock.


Thanks, that sure was it! Not sure how the event got turned sideways, but I am guessing our programmer did something wrong in regards to the fmod implementation - perhaps a mix up of what axis fmod treats as being “up”.

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