Event dependency

I need your help. I am currently making a mod for a war game. There are sound events for aircraft engines and a common sound event for radar sounds. I would like to make it so that when the sound of the radars is triggered It plays a different track depending on the plane event that is playing at the same time. How can I do ?
is it possible to add a condition so that a track in the event is played only if a particular event is already used in the project?
maybe it is possible to create a script to do this? but I don’t know how the script works, and how I should use them.

Thanks in advance


The typical setup for something like this would be to create a parameter that corresponds to the plane in question, and then base the radar audio behavior on that, either by using a parameter sheet to play specific radar audio, or to automate volume on timeline tracks, etc. However, using a parameter like this would either require you to change its value from the game (potentially impossible, if you don’t have access to the game’s source code), or create command instruments in every plane event that set the value.

Since you’re making a mod, unfortunately I cannot be of much further besides this general advice. I would recommend getting in touch with other modders in the game’s modding community to for further assistance.

could you explain me how to do it with command events?

Typically you would set up a command instrument on your plane event’s timeline that sets the value of a “Radar Sound” global parameter. You would then use a “Radar Sound” parameter sheet in your radar event, and set up instruments to that play each radar sound that corresponds to the value of the “Radar Sound” parameter. When you play the plane event, its sets the global parameter to match the plane in question, at which point you play the radar event, which plays the sound that corresponds to that global parameter value.

Again, I’m not familiar with the project, so I cannot really help you any more than this. Please reach out to other modders of the game in question that are familiar with its FMOD Studio project if you require further assistance.