Play different sounds through 1 Event Emitter?

Hey Everyone! I’m switching from unity’s main System to Fmods new Audio system for the 1st time! And I’m trying to implement audio for my player.

My player has 1 audio source in which I intend to play different weapon sounds (pistol, rifle, shotgun etc) based on which weapon the player is holding. Though when I play 1 rifle sound and then try to switch that sound event to for instance pistol, it won’t work and still plays the rifle.

How can I tell Unity which audio to play and how to do make 1 Studio Event Emitter play different audio types such as rifle, shotgun etc depending on which gun the player is holding?

The most simple way is probably by using a parameter which will handle the weapon type. Haven’t you tried that?

Is there a possible guide I can check out on how that would work? I only see things where you fade audio with the parameter but not sure how to combine that for like 10 weapons or more? Can I swap easily with that system?

EDIT: It also needs to be able to be a different value for different objects, so if Player 1 uses a rifle and Player 2 uses a pistol, both audio should be according to the weapon.

Open the Exemples project, then open Character/Player Footsteps event. Play the event while changing the “Surface” parameter value. I guess you need something equivalent to that, with “Weapon” instead, isn’t it? Instead of a timeline sheet, this event uses a parameter sheet (that you can create with the “+” tab).
So that each instance have a different parameter value, the parameter should be set to “Local” (but it’s the default setting).

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Thank you so much for your amazing answer! I will give everything a shot and see how it works out, thank you so much!! :smiley:

When I try to set the parameters so, a double value plays. Do you have any idea what could cause that?

More explained here if you don’t mind checking :slight_smile: