Event reference by string in Unity Integration v2

I’m switching to Unity Integration plugin v2 (FMOD Studio 1.07) , and it seems something has take a step-back compared to previous version of the plugin.

The new event reference system seems to work with a raw string reference to the event name, altough you can read its GUID identifyier as a property in the the Unity Editor.

This means that any rename/move-between-folder of any event, snapshot or bank will not be automatically updated on untiy side, but requires manually renaming/reassigning every asset instance in every emitter that is using that sound.
Please, can you consider a GUID reference as the old Unity integration did ? (the old behaviour was: renaming an event will update the .asset file, so unity never lost the reference)

It’s crazy for us to rename or reassign ALL the bank/event reference, as a consequence of a single rename (and this happens very often in a big project like the one I’m working on)

please let us know
Thank you very much

Gianni Ricciardi
Audio Director

We talked to a lot of our customers and we didn’t find many who found the lookup by GUID to be useful, and in some cases went against what they wanted to happen.

Lookup by path is the simplest and most transparent so we went with that. It’s unlikely to change because the migration required would be onerous.

Thank you nicholas for your answer.
So what do you suggest for better management of events and banks names?
Of course during the game development things change, and so the asset name does.
Is there some trick to avoid manual re-assignement digging into all game objects that reference them?

Thank you.

I don’t mean to be facetious or insulting. But for large developers we’ve talked too, most design their folder and bank structure during pre-production and don’t change it. We’ve got a find/replace feature for Unity coming, but it only deals with our Emitter component.