Event track output playback problem

Here’s a small but confusing (and possibly time consuming) bug that I found since switching to FMOD Studio 2.

After selecting track output inside event to other track (instead of Master) the playback is gone. When I switch it back to Master it’s still gone. I need to select different event in Event Browser and go back to previous event (the one with routing changed) and everything works fine then.


Thanks for the bug report! I’ve added this issue to our bug tracker, and it will be fixed in an upcoming release of FMOD Studio.

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I got the exact same problem today. I wasn’t able to recover from it (I didn’t tried to select other event and getting back).

I rerouted the output of four audio tracks to another audio track. All of them got silent. I was able to make some of them alive again by routing them back to the Master track and then muting them on and off. This workaround only worked for a couple of the tracks. Instruments in non-playing tracks showed as ‘greyed’, i.e., inactive.

Apparently, this bug is related to some hidden ‘mute’ state change.