Audio Track in Event Only Plays Sometimes

Hi! I have an event that has two audio tracks. For some reason the first audio track “Audio 1” isn’t playing at all times. It only seem to occur in builds of the game.

“Audio 1” starts at the beginning of the event and has a a fade in and a fade out curve, and has a single audio clip.

“Audio 2” has a multisound clip and starts a bit later in the event. It has a send to the Reverb channel and a Delay effect on it.

The master track has no other setting than default.

The event is played when the player walks over a pickup. When the event is triggered it will sometimes start silent and then “Audio 2” will begin playing at its proper time. For one certain pickup I also play another event at the same time.

Help with this would be much appreciated!

Unfortunately, we can’t diagnose this problem without more information. Are you able to send a copy of the project containing the affected event to

Sure I can do that.